Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Neutral

last week, hmm. musta been nobody went to the bar or something. they just went to my house. not that i have any real problem with that. i had a blast. and there's an unclaimed case in my fridge. consider it claimed. anyhoo, monday was a wash. i didn't even go see the stitches. barely made it to th' pizza place so i could pay half-price. but i digress...point being there was a little movie marathon on th' indoor stage. which counts fer th' drive-in, 'cause, well, ya coulda been there.

'dreamscape'...i wish that asshat tommy had been foiled by th' inconsistencies of dream logic and not a goddam pipe. whatever, it was ok.

'knightriders'...i love this movie. i think this is the the third time i've watched it, and at 147 minutes, that's a life commitment. it'd be a tough one for the drive-in; the length as well as romero's penchant for character-driven drama and interpersonal politics might bog it down a little, though the ham-fisted commentary on cops and drugs and freedom...priceless. tom savini is brian o'halloran's father. i'm sure of it.

'beach girls meet the monster'...aka 'monster in the surf'...and that way it's got a theme song. been meaning to see this one for quite awhile, & i gotta say i have no clue where th' bad rap comes from. completely hokey, but i mean, duh. b&w scooby doo tale interspersed with worthless color surfing footage to pad it out. th' monster is amazing, maybe better even than th' one in 'it conquered the world,' a personal fave. th' foxiest chick dies in th' first ten minutes, tho'. bummer.

'flying saucers over hollywood'...felt like watching this after that. included on one of th' 'plan 9' dvds. no johnny legend, but still great. lotsa maila nurmi.

'maniac (1934)'...while i wouldn't say it's at all as nutso as i'd been led to believe it's pretty fantastic - exploitative in every way th' filmmaker could think up in th' eight or so minutes he spent thinking about it before filming. pre-code, kids...yes, two o'the poor young ladies lose their tops. th' scene in a room with four flapper-types takes th' whole thing. should be remade with john c. reilly in th' title role.

had a friend run my killer 'crimson ghost' tapes (orig, b&w serial version, not the still-pretty-ok colorized and movie-edited one) to dvd & watched th' first six again. perfect.

a decent amount of throwback mountain dew cans and pizza crusts ended up on the coffee table.

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