Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Hate It Too

UPCOMING!!! yes, here at the drive-in we sometimes really do have some idea what we're gonna watch more than seven seconds beforehand, tho' merryman shows up with such unheralded and unforeseen gems week after week that sometimes those dreams just head out th' window. i can say that we're planning both bobcat goldthwait AND arch hall jr. double features this season, and that 'stay tuned' has been brought up way too many times to ignore. well, maybe. horror films all october is kinda obligat'ry, right, and abel ferrara's 'driller killer' is at th' top o' that particular list. th' law of no repeats may finally fall to dust simply due to th' utter undeniable glory that is 'eliminators;' laserdisc nite has been bandied aboot & since currently th' only two in th' house are 'steel dawn' & 'timecop' i don't see why that should be at all fucked with; & if there ain't 'action sports' nite feat. 'gleaming the cube,' josh brolin's finest moment 'thrashin',' & perchance a late-nite 3rd of 'rad' i think i may just throw myself in th' ravine. o'course some amount of troma worship is a must...maybe 'surf nazis' - and there's always 'fat guy goes nutzoid'...

a mandroid, a mercenary, a female botanist, and a ninja walk into a bar. obviously.

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